The video game industry has changed substantially in recent years, due to the new platforms, new ways of distribution, new technologies and even new funding options. By conducting this forum, inviting some of the representative developers domestically, and also renowned developers from the US, Australia, China and Japan, we seek to share the professional knowledge and the success stories. This forum will discuss and analyze the topics of game development, marketing, and also the current trend in the industry, in order for the developers to find new ways to adjust to the changes in the field.

Suitable For

  1. People from the industry
  2. People interested in developing games
  3. Faculty / Student in related field


  1. Speakers including renowned game makers, technical experts and platform directors, discussing different kinds of new opportunites in the industry.
  2. Topics including game design, programming, funding options, platforms and marketing.
  3. Translation service is provided (English/Japanese -> Chinese)
  4. Exhibiton will be setup on the hallway and the show floor.

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